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Doctors & Pharmacies has access to several independent EU doctors and pharmacies. Because we are a fast-growing company, we are almost always looking for doctors and pharmacies who want to join our network., the doctors and pharmacies where we have access to work in accordance with the most current laws and regulations of every EU country. In addition, both and the pharmacies and doctors to which has access, provide their services in full discretion and security, while guaranteeing the privacy of the customer.

How does it work?

People are increasingly searching online for the solution to their health problems. is an informative website and an online service for customers.

In case a customer orders to arrange a consultation for him or her, is looking for a suitable doctor and pharmacy (for example, based on availability). With every order from a customer, is free to choose a doctor and a pharmacy. does not receive a commission from doctors and pharmacies. On the other hand, this works the same way: doctors and pharmacies are free to choose to provide customers with consultation or medication and they do not receive a commission from does not offer products itself, but ensures that the customer can get products safely, quickly and discretely from well-controlled independent EU doctors and pharmacies.

The desired preferential treatment is admitted by to a doctor on behalf of a client. However, has no influence on the consultation, the assessment of the medical questionnaire and the preferred treatment given. The treating physician is completely independent and is in no way influenced by to prescribe certain medications.

The resulting recipe will be forwarded to one of the pharmacies to which has access. This pharmacy then sells and delivers the medicines, usually through a courier service, to the client at home. therefore does not offer any products, but offers a (communication) service whereby it requests pharmacies in the name of and at the expense and risk of customers to sell and deliver certain products to customers.

The doctor receives a normal reimbursement for a consultation. The fee is included in the price mentioned on the website. Does a doctor not feel good when prescribing certain medications? Then the doctor can indicate this without problems. The doctor always decides for himself which medication - and in which dosage - he or she does not want to prescribe. Does a doctor have questions about a file? Then he can contact the patient for more information if necessary. always strives for the best possible course of the process, so that a client is helped as quickly and as well as possible: power to the patient!

Requirements doctors

The doctors to which has access are all qualified for the services they provide. Of course all doctors are in possession of a valid diploma. Further requirements that a doctor must meet:

Requirements pharmacies refers exclusively to pharmacies that meet the following requirements:
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