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The website was introduced in 2004 and has since grown into a major professional player in the field of eHealth. is an informative website and an online service for clients. The website provides information about all kinds of health issues and the possible treatment thereof. does not offer products or medical services itself, but ensures that customers can get products safely, quickly and discretely from controlled and independent pharmacies. The medical products are not offered by, but offers customers the possibility to request a doctor consultation and the possibility to order products at an online pharmacy by means of an e-prescription. is active in: Sweden, England (UK), the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal.

The consultation

During a consultation, the customer completes a medical questionnaire online in which exactly the same questions are asked that his or her own doctor would ask. From symptoms to other medication use and the medication history. After completing the questionnaire, the customer then provides a desired treatment. The doctor assesses the medical questionnaire completed by the client and checks whether the desired treatment is suitable and safe. Moreover, the doctor can advise an alternative, so that the correct treatment is prescribed.

In case of doubt, the doctor can ask additional questions. After approval, a prescription is issued and is forwarded to one of the independent, registered EU pharmacies to which has access. A few days later the customer has the product in house and can start the treatment. Naturally, this process is done in complete discretion.

Doctors & Pharmacies has access to several independent EU doctors and EU pharmacies. This enables us to offer our services in many European countries. In addition, both and the pharmacies and doctors where has access to provide their services in full discretion and security, while the privacy of the consumer is always guaranteed. That makes great values for many people.

Discretion is of great importance. It is an important reason for people to use the services of They can communicate discretely with the doctors and obtain their medication in a safe way. Also from the many positive reviews on Trustpilot shows that customers are extremely satisfied with the service and services of
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